Turn Your Home into a Proverbs 31 Home

Here is a quick and less expensive way to get a brand new look and earn yourself a reputation for being a Proverbs 31 woman!  Staging showcases the architecture of your home to “redesign” your space, using your existing furnishings and accessories. 

You’ve heard that staging your home for sale will sell it more quickly and for a higher price.   But did you know you can also stage for stay? It’s true! Not everyone who stages their home is moving.  Some want a fresh new look, and they decide to stage their home for their own enjoyment.  Others have moved and want their new home to be a “designer original.”

  • Your home will be filled with things you really love, creating a feeling of joy
  • You will find things you forgot you had — including cheques and cash!
  • Your home will appear brighter and less crowded

Clutter prevents you from enjoying your home. The number one cause of clutter is too much stuff — it’s as simple as that. I can help you sort through your belongings and assist you as you “purge” the unwanted items, and bring you to the ultimate goal, “A     place for everything and everything in its place.” 

Proverbs 31 Lifestyles  offers professional organizing, as well as  “redesign” services, staging your home with your own existing furnishings and accessories to create a new look.

And the best part is that profits will be used to fund our ministry!


  • $100.00/hr
  • Block of 10 hours $750
  • Block of 20 hours $1500

Hourly fees are due at the end of each  appointment.