The Luminous Mysteries

1st Luminous Mystery – Baptism of Jesus

When Jesus was baptized He was instituting the sacrament of baptism. This sacrament washes away original sin from your soul and makes you a brother or sister of Jesus and a child of God. As a child of God you are an heir to heaven. To receive heaven as your reward you must make your life a reflection of Jesus’ the way Mary did. To accomplish this you must study their lives. Do this by meditating on the events in their lives – pray the Rosary!

2nd Luminous Mystery – Wedding at Cana

Mary was not only present at Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding feast at Cana; He preformed it at her request. Let this be a lesson to you. Mary is the perfect advocate and mother to you because Jesus fulfills every one of Mary’s requests. Bring all your worries and concerns to her and she will present them to Jesus her Son on your behalf.

3rd Luminous Mystery – Proclaiming the Kingdom

This mystery which sets Jesus up as King of not only your heart but also of the entire world, begs you to be courageous enough to be a true follower of Jesus in both your personal and public life.

4th Luminous Mystery – Transfiguration

This mystery recalls Jesus being transfigured into a glorious state on Mount Tabor. It is a foreshadowing of the glory to come. Let it bring to your mind the glory that awaits you when you pass from this life. You must desire holiness, and you must learn to accept and make the necessary sacrifices to attain it. Remember, without the cross, there is no crown.

5th Luminous Mystery – Institution of the Eucharist

At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the Eucharist. When you receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist a union between Him and you is created. This bond creates in you a holy life that is filled with peace because Jesus is the source of all holiness and the giver of all graces.