Hi, I’m Shari Grenier… I am a wedding planner and officiant, ordained clergy, lifestyle blogger,  author, wife, mother, and forever-young grandmother!

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Dave Grenier, and we live just east of Toronto, Canada.  I feel equally at home in Toronto, New York or Paris.

I am an ordained Deacon with the Community Catholic Church of Canada, which means I’m a Reverend and I can wear the collar. We are part of the “Old Catholic Church” that separated from Rome during the 1800s. So I like to say I’m “Catholic but not Roman.” In November 2019 I will become an ordained priest. In our church, each member of clergy has their own parish. Mine is St Helena of the True Cross. We have no building, because I use it as an opportunity to go out into the community. My main goal is to be a church for those who have no church, bringing Jesus to the homes of those who are unable to attend a more traditional church setting. Click here to see if I can be of service to you

Since I do not receive a stipend though my church, I make my living by planning weddings (and performing the ceremony as well!) and Proverbs 31 Bible studies, and clergical services such as funerals and baptisms.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of my interests seem to fall in line with living our best Christian life and serving our families.

Dave likes to tease me that I’m like Barbie — so many different professions — but I don’t think she has ever been a Reverend. So, Barbie, that makes us even, because I’ve never been an astronaut!

Here is how I came to be qualified for my unusual mixture of jobs:


ST. FRANCIS SEMINARY: Diploma in Pastoral Ministry

WEDDINGS BEAUTIFUL WORLDWIDE: Bertified Wedding Specialist

QC SCHOOL OF EVENT PLANNING:   Wedding and Event Planning, Destination Wedding Planning,  Luxury Wedding and Event Planning, Corporate Event Planning, Event Decor

IAP COLLEGE: Lifestyle Coach

NEW YORK SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN: Interior Design, Liberal and Fine Arts

Visit my wedding business page, Sandcastles Weddings and my ministry page, Proverbs 31 Life Ministries