Why I Have a Set of Dishes for 12

I am starting the New Year with a confession, and yes, you read that title right! I – the one who preaches on getting rid of excess – I have set of dishes for 12 people! But let me explain:

  • This set is made by Lagostina. It has simple, yet elegant design, which is equally at home at breakfast or on our most formal tablescapes. 
  • It also coordinates well with a small set of Blue Willow I acquired a few years ago. In that way, it replaces the Royal Albert that I sold years ago.
  • It is white, so it can be used in any room, and combined with any accessory. We don’t need the matching cream and sugar, salt and pepper, or teapot. It looks just as  good with our crystal salt and pepper shakers as with our pepper grinder.
  • It is made of porcelain, not likely to chip, and is safe in the dishwasher and the microwave. Something my Royal Albert could not do.
  • We don’t have to eat off unmatched dishes.
  • It takes no more space to stack 12 dinner plates than it would to stack 6.
  • There are only two of us, yet we want to be careful with the water and electricity we use. We are always able to run the dishwasher with a full load.
  • Because we are saving for a full load, a smaller set would mean unexpected company would have to wait until we run the dishwasher. With our larger set, we always have at least six place settings in the cupboard – and we can seat six at our dining room table!

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