New Year’s Eve… it’s almost 2022!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link

Happy New Year’s Eve day!

Tonight, Dave and I will be celebrating with pizza, champagne, and An Affair to Remember on the PVR. We’ll switch to Times Square in time to see the ball drop.

It is still mid-morning, and I am about to begin my New Year’s Eve tradition – cleaning completely. Everything! If you know me, you know what a clean freak am, but this is the day I like to live up to the expression “out with the old, in with the new.” My last act before settling in to our romantic evening in front of the fireplace will be to take out the kitchen trash bag, into which I will empty the contents of the Dyson, and to put a load of microfibre cloths into the laundry – the clothes I will use all day to polish and shine. 

Seriously, I like to keep our home clean enough that company would have been able to drop in unexpectedly – were it not for the pandemic. But today begin the end of 2021, I will do through my weekly routine all in one day: dusting, vacuuming, moping, and shining every surface.

Thinking back, this time last year I had not yet discovered the cleaning products of Norwex and I did not yet have my collection of microfibre cloths for every use. Nor did I have my Norwex mop, which has changed the way I do my floors. I now literally use just water to clean everything in our home, which is not only better for the environment, it’s also better for us, and closer to how the Proverbs 31 woman would have cleaned her home. 

Tonight’s pizza will be take-out, complete with garlic bread, so it will also be tomorrow’s dinner. Half veggie for me, half meat for Dave, and such a treat! We are ordering from Papa John’s, which has the best garlic bread on the planet! We don’t order pizza often, but it’s our New Year’s Eve tradition, and since it is infrequent, we look forward to it all the more. The firelight, of course, will be electric, but our fireplace has a heater so it feels as real as it looks!

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