Fifteen Home Projects to do While in Quarantine

The best thing about being in quarantine is that we are all safe in our own homes! And what better opportunity to work on our homes, now that we suddenly “have the time?”

Many of you will be tackling the jobs that have been waiting for awhile, such as painting or even installing new toilets. But the rest of you will want something a little less time or energy consuming, so here is a list of home projects that can be done all in one day:

  • Deep cleaning — more important right now than ever! Start with the kitchen one day, the bathrooms the next, and keep going on a different room each day, until the whole house is disinfected and sparkling
  • Do something about your stereo or computer wires
  • Wash the windows, inside and out
  • Tackle one closet each day. Remove everything, purge what you don’t need, and replace the rest
  • Do the same with your kitchen cupboards
  • Completely organize your basement (this might take more than one day.)
  • Ditto for your garage
  • Go through the family’s clothes and handle anything that needs to be mended buttons replaced, etc
  • Organize your filing cabinet and shred any documents you no longer need
  • Get creative with using up perishables in your fridge
  • Try a new recipe each day
  • Clean your oven
  • Rearrange the furniture — it’s like getting a new home for free
  • Do some gardening
  • Organize your pantry — no doubt your shopping habits have changed a little lately

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