What Social Isolation is Teaching Us

Six months ago, if someone told you that you would be virtually under house arrest —  no work, sleep in every morning, binge watch TV, raid the fridge — you would have rolled your eyes and said “I wish!”

Well, be careful what you wish for, because it has now come true. It’s human nature to resist what you are told — no, ordered — to do, and naturally we find ourselves complaining at times. A world-wide pandemic is not a good reason for this to have happened, and yet there are so many things to be thankful for.

Sandcastles Weddings — my livelihood — has suddenly and unexpectedly been put on hold until further notice. We are just a small part of the huge wedding industry that is affected. But Proverbs 31 Lifestyles has no such limitation, and this is where I’ve been putting my focus in the past couple of weeks.

Dave and I don’t have a young family, as many of you do, but we are in constant text/phone touch with our kids and the grandkids. Everyone is healthy and from what I hear there is only a minimum amount of cabin fever. Families are together; parents who once commuted to the office are now working from home.

Churches have been told to close, and yet the Christian community is finding incredible ways to get their Sunday services up on the internet. Never before have we really understood that WE are the church!

Instagram and Facebook are exploding with uplifting memes. I for one have many friends who are thousands of miles away, and we can visit every day via social media. 

Spending is at a minimum. Not only are our incomes slashed, but the stores are closed. And surprise! We’re doing okay! Granted there are some stories of greed, such as people hoarding toilet paper, but these are eclipsed by the heartwarming stories of service and sacrifice on the part of the doctors, nurses, truck drivers and store staff. 

We finally have the time to try new recipes, work around the house, read the newest books.

The warmer weather is coming (I’m in Canada, maybe it’s already spring-like where you are) and soon we will be able to enjoy our gardens and backyards. The air should be fresher; I am reading articles about how the earth is repairing itself with fewer cars on the roads and wildlife is returning to places where it hasn’t been seen in years.

The best thing of all is the God is in control. He can remove this virus from the earth as fast as it disappeared, and when the time is right, He will. In the meantime, He can — and will — keep your family and mine safe.

Use this time to rejuvenate, whatever that means for you. Work on new projects, or simply rest — there is no right or wrong way. Sooner or later it will be over and we will be back to the hustle and bustle of our old routines. Hopefully we will have learned something from all this, and hopefully our new normal will be somewhat different.




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