Don’t Skimp on the Water

Water helps you lose weight. When we aren’t drinking enough water, our bodies start to store it in anticipation of a drought. This extra water weight is released when we begin to drink enough.

Water helps you think more clearly. It makes sense: if the oxygen in the blood that flows to the brain is low, the function will be also. In the same way, water keeps oxygen supplied to the muscles. After all, the oxygen is the O in H2O!

Water also helps balance your moods and emotions. Who knew?

Water surrounds and protects your joints, eyes, brain and spinal cord. Your kidneys and colon need it too; in fact, digestion depends on it.

Water prevents headaches, lightheadedness and fatigue. It even improves your immune system!

So for all these reasons, Dave and I use our new bottles daily. We keep a jug of filtered water in the fridge and we refuse to buy bottled water. All that plastic is so bad for the environment. And besides, there are parts of the world where the water is so scarce and undrinkable that we are arrogant if we complain about ours!

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