A Great New Idea for Children’s Birthday Parties

This year, let your child’s birthday party be a fiver party!

Each child invited to the party brings a $5 bill instead of a gift. This will go toward a gift the child really wants. “A” gift. ONE. Parents might decide to buy it in advance, and have their child unwrap it at the party. Or, they may plan a post-birthday shopping trip to the mall.

And a word of caution: The amount of money MUST be small. Otherwise, it is asking for gifts, which is a serious breach of etiquette! See my post on asking for cash as a wedding gift.

All parents love this idea, because their children are often invited to several parties each year, and the cost of a gift for each adds up to over $100 a year, not to mention shopping for the gift and wondering what to buy.

Even more importantly, the concept of the fiver party has far-reaching lessons for the children, and can be used as a teaching moment.

  • There is less toy clutter — this one is obvious!
  • It is better for the environment, as there is less gift wrap involved. As well, smaller toys end up in landfill as they get broken or outgrown
  • It teaches less greed, as the emphasis is taken off the quantity of gifts
  • It teaches that things worth having are worth saving for, as the child now has the money accumulated to buy the cherished prize they dream of
  • It teaches that some families may not have the resources to buy expensive gifts, and allows children of lower income homes to participate equally in the party
  • It allows the children to feel part of the excitement as they sign the card for the one gift

Consider a fiver party for your child’s next birthday, and don’t forget to comment on this post to tell me how it went!

One thought on “A Great New Idea for Children’s Birthday Parties

  1. That’s a great idea! I like the concept of everyone pitching in for one big gift that the kid will really enjoy. It’s also can be awkward for all of the other kids to be patient and not get jealous watching the birthday kid open a huge pile of gifts.


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