Getting Organized for Christmas

  • Do you find the approaching holidays are causing you stress?
  • Are your Christmas decorations, schedule and clutter a main part of this stress?

Take a deep breath and start with the items on this list… they are designed to give you the illusion of order, which will create the serenity you need to tackle the rest!


As soon as you put up the Christmas tree begin to pull gifts from their hiding places, wrap them, and let them be part of the decor.

Take away some of your decorative items and store them in the Christmas decoration boxes. That way, you will have less clutter during the holidays.

Finish your shopping early so you won’t have to deal with the shopping mall parking lots. Buy your turkey and put it in the freezer. The same with your holiday baking. And streamline the gift-giving that gets out of hand — after all, Baby Jesus only got three gifts.


Pick a date and decide that as of then you will be “as ready as you’ll ever be.” The most important things will be done by then. You are only one person and no one wants you to be frazzled.

Take a look at the decorations still in the box. There’s a reason you didn’t put them up. If they’re broken, throw them out. If they no longer fit your decorating scheme, or if you have no room for them, pass them along to someone who can use them.

Make room for the new gifts and teach your children a valuable lesson at the same time. Have them go through their toys, clothes, and books with you; let them choose ones that they have outgrown or no longer want. Help them donate items that are still in good condition to less fortunate children.


Put away your decorations with next year in mind. It may seem a long way off, but you’ll be glad you took the time to sort, detangle, and arrange things in their boxes.

Be sure your decorations are well protected. Invest in plastic totes that are waterproof. They are available in red and green so you can identify them at a glance next year.

Assign an empty box to hide gifts you purchase throughout the year.

As you think to next year, consider non-clutter and consumable gifts. Gift cards, theatre tickets, wine, tea, chocolate…

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