Our P31 home: part 1, the kitchen

In this post, you can explore our kitchen cupboards and drawers, see what’s under our kitchen sink, and what we keep on our counters. Our kitchen is not large so it’s important that we keep only what we actually use.


I cook exclusively with copper, and the pot rack creates space as well as adding to the kitchen decor. I’ve also added plaster columns and a couple of framed prints. The wine rack on the fridge is convenient and adds to the ambiance of the kitchen.

A set of knives and index cutting boards are conveniently beside the sink and my prized possession — my copper KitchenAid stand mixer. Beside the stove, and on the counter space below the coffee and tea cupboard, we have the Keurig machine.

Fruit is convenient in a crystal bowl, and my grandmother’s crystal pedestal cake plate is perfect for baked treats. Whenever I save a recipe, I print it and enclose it in a plastic sheet protector, ready for the leather binder that has become the “cookbook I wrote.” The brass easel keeps the recipes right at my fingertips.


The cabinet above the sink is where I organize the attachments to the KitchenAid mixer. The cabinet to the left of the sink holds measuring cups, mixing bowls, and assorted spices, etc on a lazy susan.

In the cabinet above the stove and microwave we keep our food storage containers. We shop and cook in a way that leaves no leftovers, but I like to cook in batches and store portions in the freezer, so we use quite a few of these containers regularly on a rotating basis.

The cabinet above the dishwasher holds our glassware. On the the top shelf are the Waterford crystal wine glasses.

Our dishes are stored to the right of the stove. They are white with a scalloped edge, and can be used for entertaining as well as everyday, which means we don’t have a need for two sets. Since this cabinet is handy to the kitchen sink, not how the paper towel holder is mounted on the cupboard door, eliminating the visual clutter of paper towels in view.

We keep everything to do with tea and coffee in the cupboard above the Keurig. We like to use the refillable pods for two reasons: it saves us money because we buy our coffee in large tins, and because refilling them saves the environment. Top shelf: mugs and the carafe to the Keurig. Middle shelf: Glass teapot with candle warmer, sugar bowl and cream jug. Bottom shelf: More mugs, milk frother for our morning lattes, Keurig pods in basket.


This cabinet above the fridge is hard to reach, and I’ve saved this one for last because I’m sure you’re very curious… since Dave and I don’t have a lot of extra stuff, it’s empty!



Our kitchen has the dreaded L, in which a far corner is difficult to reach. I recommend to clients that they use that area for seldom-used items, such as the turkey roaster. In our case, the corner area is empty, because we are able to store our kitchen equipment in the the area of the cupboard that is visible from the open door. The photo is hard to see, but the turkey roaster is on the bottom shelf, with the salad spinner beside it, and the kettle is also in this area when not in use. The next shelf holds the mandolin and waffle iron, and the sandwich maker is on the top shelf. The kitchen towel is on a ring mounted on the inside of the cupboard door because using the oven door handle as a towel holder is one of my pet peeves!

In the cabinet under the sink we have waste container on one door and liquid soap/pot scrubber on the other. Inside the cupboard we keep the recycling bin and slow cooker.

Beside the freezer are two narrow cupboards. One of them holds our blender perfectly and keeps it at easy reach. It’s hard to see on the shelf behind it, but that is where we keep our hot air corn popper for romantic movie evenings in front of the TV. The toaster is stored in the cabinet beside it, where it can be easily removed for daily use. Behind it are at couple of pieces of white Corningware, which we use only several times a year. On the shelf is our food scale.


The use of divided trays helps create drawers in which everything is visible — from cutlery and kitchen gadgets to towels and the handheld blender.


I believe that the key to keeping food storage organized begins at the grocery store, by not buying more than you can fit into the fridge. When I cook, I often make enough to freeze for future meals.


The pantry just off the kitchen is where the food is kept in bins and glass jars. It even has room for my shopping basket. The top shelf holds extra paper towels and tissue.

This is the first of a series of posts on a theme. It has become common for professional organizers to do virtual tours of their own homes in order to showcase what they do, and I have decided to open our home through these posts. Dave and I invite you to see how we live through photographs of our home. We aren’t minimalists, but we do need to keep things to a minimum, as our condo is just over 1000 square feet. We’ll show you everything — open every closet, cupboard and drawer — so you can see not only how I’ve arranged it to appear organized, but also how it looks behind closed doors!


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