How decluttering can make you feel good

There is nothing quite like decluttering and organizing your home to give you a warm fuzzy feeling! Here’s why:

Bright, Open Space…

Decluttering removes all the unused and unwanted items from your home, leaving only the things you need, love and use. Rearranging these and organizing them into the newfound space will leave you with a light and airy home.

Eliminate Bad Memories…

Decluttering will lt you examine each item for usefulness, but it will also reveal your feelings toward a particular thing in your home. If it reminds you of an unpleasant person, event, or time period in your life, don’t keep it.

Be a Positive Role Model for Your Children…

When your children grow up in an organized home they are more likely to follow your example in the future, when they have homes of their own. Many adults are disorganized because they were never taught by their parents — don’t let that be your legacy.

Help Others…

Decluttering gives you an opportunity to pass on your unused items to people who can really benefit from them. Sometimes you know who these people are and you can give them to friends and relatives. Or, you can donate them to charity.

Protect the Environment…

Every item you donate or pass on to others is one less item that must be manufactured using natural resources. In addition, it means one less item in landfill. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

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