Why can’t you stay decluttered?

You finally finished decluttering your entire home and you’re so proud of yourself! But two months later — MORE CLUTTER! What happened?

You Thought Decluttering was a One-Time Job…

Decluttering is a lifestyle. It will be something you do regularly for the rest of your life. Granted, it will be easier each time, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you are finished with the process forever.

You Haven’t Examined Your Shopping Habits…

Decluttering is one thing, but you also have to keep the clutter from returning. Many times we are the ones who are guilty of bringing clutter back into our homes.

Before you donate your items to charity, take a minute to examine them.

Why did you buy them in the first place?
Were they impulse purchases?
Had you intended to use/read/wear them but never got around to it?
Did you buy them only because they were on sale?
Did you buy them and use them, but now they are outdated or worn out?
Would you buy them again if you saw them in a store today?
There are no right or wrong answers, only what works for you. Only then can you shop with the mindset that you will not buy anything that will re-clutter. Perhaps you can replace the word “declutter” with “decumulate.”

Your Family is Not Onboard…

You can never declutter successfully without the cooperation of every person in your household.

Your husband and kids must also be able to purge their unused items on a regular basis, and it goes without saying that they must not bring in new clutter to replace the old.

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