Do You Make Cakes from Mixes?

Let’s admit it — we all do at one time or another! I’ve been using a mix exclusively for some time now. Dave is diabetic, and Pillsbury has a sugar-free cake mix that is made with Splenda; you can’t tell it isn’t loaded with sugar! These mixes are not available in Canada for some reason, so we pick up several whenever we’re in New York.

Previously, my attempts at sugar-free cakes were less than successful. Recipes taken right from the Splenda web site and followed to the letter turned out like pancakes!

I was thrilled to find three ways to make a mix cake taste like a bakery cake!

1) Use milk instead of water (the same amount called for on the box)
2) Add one or two extra eggs
3) Use melted butter instead of oil (double the amount)

You can do any or all of the above to a regular cake mix, as well. Get ready for friends asking you for the recipe..but beware that these ideas also add to the fat and calories!

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