What does your clutter really mean?

There are subtle psychological reasons we accumulate clutter. Clutter often has a hidden meaning, and getting to the root of the problem will give you an insight into yourself, as well as a way to conquer the clutter once and for all!


Hallways connect your rooms and represent your ability to flow. Cluttered hallways may indicate your feelings that your life’s path is not clearly defined or that you are on the wrong path.


Your kitchen is where you prepare the food to nourish yourself and your family. This is often where you dump everything from mail to school bags to miscellaneous items, making the nourishment of your family (body and soul) difficult.

Living and Dining Rooms

These are the rooms in which you entertain. If these rooms are cluttered, it could indicate that you are trying to hide your true identity from friends and acquaintances.


If your bedroom is cluttered, you will find it harder to unwind and get a restful sleep. The clutter could also represent your attempt to put up a barrier between yourself and your partner.


The bathroom is where your own private spa, where you pamper yourself, and where you get ready each morning to face the world. Clutter in the bathroom may be an indication that you lack self worth.


Closets are literally full of things you choose to hide from view. If you overfill your closets with items you don’t want, need, or use, you are blocking the insight and intuition you need to “see into” yourself and situations.


Items in the attic are literally “having over your head.” Since attics symbolize our connection to the past and families or ancestors, and also to your higher self. Too much unwanted stuff in the attic can make it difficult to resolve issues from your past and grow as a person.


The basement is the foundation of the home, and a home with a cluttered basement has a very poor foundation. In dreams, basements represent the subconscious mind, and a cluttered basement can blunt your intuition.


Since your garage houses your car, too much clutter in your garage may make you feel difficulty moving forward in life

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