Cyber Clutter

As I begin to write this, I feel the overwhelming need to confess. Like Monica’s closeting the TV show Friends, my dark secret is my computer. My husband teases me that someone so organized should really do something about her desktop, and he’s right! So as soon as I complete this newsletter I will practice what I preach.

I might also add that cyber clutter can slow your computer down, too.

The first step, of course: Back everything up!


This is where everything starts out, and sometimes it never leaves. Anything worth keeping is worth adding to a folder. Think of your computer desktop as you do your office desktop and keep it clear!

Temporary Files

These can definitely be deleted when you have used them and are finished with them.


Junk emails can be immediately deleted. In addition, they can be eliminated by changing your computer settings. And don’t forget to empty your junk and spam folders regularly!

Many emails can be read, and then immediately deleted. If you still need to take action on it, create a “pending folder” and delete the email permanently once you have dealt with it.

Emails that you wish to keep for future reference can be stored in appropriate folders.

Finally, delete all old email accounts that you no longer use.

Saved Folders

…not just saved folders, but the files that are saved within them. This includes images you’ve seen on friend’s Facebook pages and kept, but now that you see them again you have no idea WHY.


Some computers store these automatically, and if you dared to click twice, you’ll have multiple copies!!!


Done with your computer? Now do it all again, on your phone!


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